We’re proud of what we have done. The links below provide highlights of some past projects that will give you some insight into how we work.

This manufacturer of industrial process equipment needed to improve its order fulfillment process. Improving coordination among different groups involved in pre-production activities required a project scheduling system. Scheduling Custom Manufacturing
An inbound call centre needed a knowledge portal in order to ensure fast, rapid answers to a wide range of public inquiries. Contact Centre Knowledge Portal
This manufacturer of process equipment was seeking to upgrade an aging ERP system. Read how a software selection process brought together the needs of executives and managers in a way that provided Common Vision fora new system and quantified the benefits of system change. ERP Selection
An automotive seating manufacturer needed to automate transmission of test data from the QC lab to the factory floor. Automotive Statistical Quality Control
A vehicle assembly operation needed a way to automate recording and reporting of inspection data. Managing Inspection Data